Is Your Board Fiscally Fit? Free Ebook to help you avoid theft in your nonprofit

Sure, you have a robust and well-respected Board of Directors, many of whom are industry influencers, pillars of the community, and rich with a connected network to help advance your organization. But while many board members serve graciously, lending time and talent without hesitation, some do not realize that despite not holding the title of “board treasurer”, they too are responsible for the organization’s financial position.

While not every board member need be a financial analyst, each must be engaged in the organization’s financial processes and be confident and comfortable to review financial information and to ask questions.

According to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office report on nonprofit fraud, theft happens in large and small organizations, and often it involves individuals who are widely respected and valued within the organization, the report says. Often there is no rational explanation, other than perhaps greed, according to the report.

What can you do to avoid theft in your nonprofit? We’re pleased to share with you this free Ebook published by the Ohio Attorney General’s office and encourage you to contact Moda Communications to schedule our newest workshop “Effective Board Communications” for you and your Board of Directors.

Download the free Ebook Avoiding Theft in Your Nonprofit

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